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We guarantee an optimal cargo transportation and logistics service, with a competent and committed human team.
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Committed to technology and social responsibility in the area
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We have products and services of the best quality

Sabana Cargo has established itself in the market as a versatile logistics operator, capable of providing its clients with services such as ITR, import and export, merchandise storage, and specialized transportation through a fleet of vehicles approved by the ministry. This allows us to deliver a comprehensive service focused on quality and compliance.


To ensure optimal transport service and logistic solutions, supported by a competent and committed human team, with technology and environmental responsibility, emphasizing excellence and quality in service. Our goal is to generate benefits for our customers, employees, and business associates.


By the year 2023, position ourselves within the market of cargo transportation companies in the country, meeting the needs of our associates with an outreach to individuals. We aim to offer products and services of the highest quality in transportation.

Providing our clients with the best option in national road transport and cargo service; this is achieved through the implementation of high standards of quality and safety. Among other factors, we prioritize environmental preservation, replacement programs to ensure a modern and high-tech fleet, guaranteeing on-time dispatches, maximum comfort, and low accident rates.

From now on you can track your shipments in real time.

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We have the specialized infrastructure, technology and ample facilities for the optimal storage of your products.

Import - Export

Import - Export

State-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel for packing and unpacking containers.



We offer you our fleet of adapted and specialized vehicles for the transportation of your products nationwide.

Cargo monitoring in real time and within your reach from the port to the point of arrival at your facilities.

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Container yard

Container yard

We have a container yard with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel for the storage, handling and reception of containers.



What is BASC?

BASC (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition) is a cooperative program between the private sector and domestic and foreign agencies, created to promote secure international trade.

What is the BASC Alliance's objective?

To promote Secure International Trade, based on principles of honesty, confidentiality, responsibility and ethics.



We keep you up to date with road closures and news on road issues.

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